Tunisha Sharma Death: Urfi Javed reacts to Tunisha Sharma's death, supports Sheezan Khan

29 Dec, 2022

The entire industry is inconsolable after actress Tunisha Sharma left this world at the age of just 20. Everyone in the industry is giving their opinion on Tunisha's death. At the same time, the reaction of Urfi Javed, known for her peculiar dressing sense, has come to the fore on this case. Urfi has been seen supporting Sheezan.

Urfi gives reaction on the death

Urfi Javed has given her reaction to Tunisha and Sheejan controversy. She posted on her Insta story before making the statement. She said that maybe she is wrong, maybe Sheejan has cheated him. But Sheejan cannot be held responsible for Tunisha's death. She wrote, “You cannot force someone to be with you, who does not want to be with you. Girls, no one, then I am saying no one, is worth giving his precious life. Sometimes it may seem like the end of the world but trust me it is not.

Urfi has also appealed to all the youngsters to think about their close ones before doing so. She also wrote “Think about the people who love you or try to love yourself too much. Be a hero yourself. Please give yourself some time. Problems don't end just by committing suicide, those who stay behind have a lot of problems."

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