TV actress Daljiet Kaur marriage with Nikhil Patel; shares haldi ceremony photos

18 Mar, 2023
TV actress Daljiet Kaur marriage with Nikhil Patel; shares haldi ceremony photos

Photos from TV star Dalljiet Kaur’s haldi ceremony have been posted on her instagram. The vibrant images depict Dalljiet and her fiancé Nikhil Patel as radiant figures wearing yellow clothing and sporting turmeric paste on their faces. The celebrations now include their children as well.

Daljiet Kaur haldi photos

Dalljiet and Nikhil can be seen strolling hand in hand in the first image. He is dressed in yellow kurta and yellow pyjamas, while she is dressed in a yellow saree with a blue blouse. The following picture shows him admiring her mehendi, while the third picture captures them having a private moment. A picture also shows Dalljiet receiving a turmeric paste application while posing with her relatives. The final image has Dalljiet and Nikhil along with Jaydon, her son, and Aariyaana, his daughter. Nikhil has a second daughter as well.

Recently, Dalljiet shocked everyone by announcing her engagement to businessman Nikhil Patel, who is living in the UK. Dalljiet and Nikhil got engaged in January in Nepal after meeting at a party in Dubai.

Daljiet Kaur and Shaleen Bhanot

Dalljiet Kaur formerly married Bigg Boss 16 contestant Shalin Bhanot. Jaydon was born in 2014 to Dalljiet and Shalin. Shalin Bhanot and Dalljiet Kaur agreed to part ways on an out-of-court settlement following a lot of ups and downs in their married life. The pair made their separation public in October 2016. Dalljiet Kaur is a well-known actress in the television industry. In her long career, she has been in various TV shows and made a reputation for herself. She appeared in a variety of programmes, including Bigg Boss 13 and Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.

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