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31 Jan, 2023

One of the problems the nation is currently experiencing is the need to strengthen the healthcare system. There is a need for development, especially following Covid 19. In light of this, Dr. Rahil Chaudhary and Dr. Milan Sharma, Chairperson of Eye 7 Hospitals, are joining us to talk about what significant healthcare announcements can be made in this budget. 

Investments in medical sectors

There is a good chance that the government will increase access to healthcare. Under this, investments can be made in places like medical and nursing schools as well as manufacturing and research facilities for equipment. It can also be used for facilities that offer 24 hour services, such PHC and CHC.

According to the government's previous announcement, healthcare spending in India is anticipated to rise to 2.5% of GDP. In the healthcare industry, money can also be set aside for research, development, and the creation of new capabilities. Currently, healthcare costs represent less than 1.5% of GDP.

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