Union Budget 2023- What will be unique about the budget in terms of spending by consumers and inflation | LIVE | Your budget

31 Jan, 2023

Consumer spending is a reliable indicator of an economy's health. To explore what major announcements can be made in this budget and what alternatives we have to improve it, Jay Gupta of Dhan Securities and famous economist Akash Jindal are joining us. In the backdrop of a worsening global economic environment, higher inflation, and slower GDP growth, private consumption is already dropping. 

Consumer spending is growing in India

The trend of Consumer spending is growing in India. The way the people are growing as a collective is one of the biggest factor in the consumer spending. The easy capital available to the country and the people is also one of the most important factors of consumer spending. Many fintech companies and credit facilities provided by entities like bajaj finance are also a factor in consumer spending. Covid was also a big benefactor in the growth of consumer spending because it helped the people to understand their credit and spend it accordingly.

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