UP News: Dogs will put on masks in Moradabad's society, after the incidents of dog bites

21 Sep, 2022

The news is from Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh where the woman was attacked by a pet dog while getting down from the lift at Akash Residency. There was no complaint with the police in this matter, but a complaint was made to the office bearers of the Welfare Association of the apartment.

After this, the people who kept the dogs in the apartment were talked to. They were allowed to walk on the stairs, barring them from being taken by lift. Despite this, there was a fear of dogs among the people living in the apartment.

Other attacks in the city

In the last one week, there have been about 350 cases of dog bites in the district hospital. Whereas only three to four people are reaching daily to get the dogs vaccinated. The Municipal Corporation is not taking initiative to curb the growing terror of stray dogs. According to municipal statistics, there are about 50,000 street dogs in the city. There is no data on domesticated dogs. The corporation claims that street dogs are being castrated.

Dogs will also wear masks

The Municipal Corporation also came to know about the dog attack, the team reached the colony and made people aware. After this it was decided that the dogs would be put on a mask while going out for a walk. However, this mask is not made of cloth or fibre but of plastic. Due to this, even if the dogs become aggressive while roaming outside and attack someone, then due to the mask, their mouth will not be able to open and they will not be able to bite anyone.

Society president Shobhit Gupta said that after the incident that happened in the past, there was fear among people about dogs. More than 40 people living in the apartment have kept dogs. He also takes them out for a walk in the morning and evening. 

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