US-China Conflict: China Starts War Exercises, Increased Threat To Taiwan?

04 Aug, 2022

After Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, China is now shocked. On Thursday, Dragon began a five-day military exercise in the seas around Taiwan. According to news agency AFP, China announced this soon after Pelosi's controversial visit to Taiwan. It is being considered to directly challenge Taiwan and America. At the same time, Taiwan has criticised this move of China, saying that it is fully prepared for the situation of war. If a war really breaks out in the Gulf of Taiwan, then the global economy may have to pay a heavy price and China, the world's second largest economy, may have to suffer a lot

Other issues during the threat

The global economy was already affected due to the Corona epidemic (Covid-19). Right now the disruptions caused by the Corona epidemic were being removed and the war started in Eastern Europe. As soon as Russia attacked Ukraine in February, a new challenge arose before the global economy. The global supply chain was badly affected due to the Ukraine-Russia war, especially in the global grain market, the situation became uncontrollable. There has been a shortage of food items in many countries.

China had sent fighter planes

After the visit of Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China has taken an aggressive stance. On Wednesday, 27 Chinese military planes flew towards Taiwan. Out of this, 22 fighter aircraft entered Taiwan's airspace. When Taiwan's fighter planes flew to face the Chinese planes, the Chinese planes returned. 

Taiwan said it has deployed aircraft and missile systems to "monitor" Chinese activities in its Air Defence Identification Zone, or ADIZ. Taiwan's military has raised its alert level. The Defense Ministry said that China is trying to threaten major ports and cities through exercises in the surrounding waters.

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