Valorant Champions Tour 2021 -APAC Last Chance Qualifier: Indian Team Global Esports moves to Lower Bracket

13 Oct, 2021
Valorant Champions Tour 2021 -APAC Last Chance Qualifier: Indian Team Global Esports moves to Lower Bracket

Valorant Champions Tour 2021: APAC Last Chance Qualifiers will be giving the last chance to the teams from the Asia Pacific to qualify for the upcoming Valorant Champions Tour 2021 at Berlin. The only Indian team to qualify for APAC LCQ is Team Global Esports.


APAC Last Chance Qualifiers Tournament Format

APAC LCQ is the double-elimination format tournament where team’s in the upper bracket will not get eliminated if they lose a game but will be moved to the lower bracket. But losing in the lower bracket will result in instant elimination.

APAC Last Chance Qualifiers Tournament Teams

The teams participating in APAC LCQ 2021 are:

  1. Paper Rex (PR)

  2. Fennel (FL)

  3. Full Sense (FS)

  4. Boom Esports (BOOM)

  5. NUTURN Gaming (NU)

  6. DAMWON Gaming (DWG)

  7. Reject (RC)

  8. F4Q

  9. Northeption (Nth)

  10. Global Esports (GE)

Global Esports in Valorant Champions Tour 2021

Global Esports on 11th Oct’21 played their round of 10 match against South Korean Valorant team DAMWON Gaming and did the first upset by beating the Korean powerhouse by 2-1 score in a Best of 3 format. Team GE won their first match with a 13-8 score on map Haven. In the second map, Damwon Gaming tied the score by beating GE with a score of 13-7 on map Ascent. In the deciding map, Global Esports completely dominated the Korean team and won the match on Split by a score of 13-5.

Global Esports got placed in Upper Brackets and their first upper bracket was against Paper Rex on 12th Oct’21. The match was again played in a Best of 3 format with the maps being Icebox, Split and Bind. The Indian team didn’t seem to play their normal game as they were getting completely bullied by Paper Rex and lost the first game on Icebox by the score of 13-3. The bullying then got more intensified and Paper Rex completely dominated GE in Split and won by a score of 13-0.

Global Esports hope in Valorant Champions Tour 2021

Losing in the Upper bracket didn’t disqualify Global Esports, but moved them to lower circuits. There’s still a chance for Team GE to win in the lower circuits and make it back to the main event of APAC LCQ. With an IGL like HellRanger and star players like skillZ, Lightning Fast, SkRossi and KappA, it is possible for them to go till the end. The fans will be expecting the players to power up and come in stronger and fight, just as their tagline “GE Fighting!”.


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