Violence erupted across the city after Belgium's defeat in the Fifa World Cup | Brussels Riots- Watch Video

28 Nov, 2022

FIFA Brussels Riots: Riots broke out in several places in the Belgian capital Brussels on Sunday following Belgium's defeat to Morocco in the ongoing Football World Cup match in Qatar. Football fans set cars on fire. Local police have detained dozens of people who clashed with riot control police, according to a report by news agency Reuters. Riots were seen in many places in Brussels, in which the police had to face a lot of difficulties in pacifying them.On the riots, police spokeswoman Ilse Van de Keere said that calm returned at around 7 pm and that precautionary patrols were continuing in the relevant areas. At present, the police is constantly keeping an eye on the mischievous elements, who can once again create an atmosphere of unrest in the city. At the same time, a police team is interrogating the detained people, so that the clear cause of the riots and the conspirator can be found out. 

Belgian police detained a dozen people and arrested one suspect on Sunday following Morocco's victory over Belgium in a FIFA World Cup match in Qatar. Riots broke out in several places in the Belgian capital where dozens of football fans arrived carrying Moroccan flags.

Police had to use water cannons and tear gas shells to control the rioters. The rioters used pyrotechnic material, projectiles, sticks and set the public highway on fire, police said. In the midst of this riot, a journalist has also been hurt.

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