What is Wall Climbing? I All About Wall Climbing Exercise

10 May, 2022

Wall Climbing is one of the many unique fitness forms that has sparked an interest for fitness enthusiasts. Wall Climbing has even made it to the Olympics. Afterall, who doesn't like a good challenge? But, it isn't as easy as climbing stairs. Wall climbing is done on an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet. This can be done indoors or outdoors. Watch the video till the end to know all about wall climbing.

What is Wall Climbing?

Wall climbing, also sometimes referred to as indoor rock climbing, is a rapidly increasing sport. The wall climbing is very much similar to rock climbing, but it is done in a controlled environment i.e. indoors on specially designed walls due to which it is considered a much safer sport. The sport requires specially designed indoor rock climbing walls that have holds attached to them. It also requires other equipment such as safety ropes etc for safety purposes.

Wall Climbing : Fitness Routine

A lot of people are inclining towards wall climbing as a part of their fitness routine. The sport is of high intensity level considering the fact that the easiest routes on wall climbing require the whole-body efforts and immense concentration and body-mind sync. Since it is a complete body workout type of sport it targets multiple muscle areas including the Core, Arms, Legs, Glutes and Back of the person. Along with strengthening the complete body muscles it also provides a lot of flexibility considering the fact that it requires a lot of reaching, stretching and body twisting. It also increases the heart rate to a great level just like in aerobic and  cardio exercises.

Wall Climbing : Health Benefits

Wall climbing does a lot of health benefits to the body including strengthening of the muscles as it includes all the muscles in the body and it improves the flexibility of the body due to a lot of reaching and stretching out. The increased heart rate during this sport also improves the cardiovascular system of the body just like cardio and aerobic exercises. It also helps in prevention of Chronic diseases such as hypertension, a few forms of cancer, type 2 diabetes etc. The sport also helps in increasing the mind-body coordination due to the split second actions required in the sport.


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