Weather Update: Severe cold to trouble Delhi again, chances of rain too. IMD Alert

28 Jan, 2023

Delhi, the nation's capital, is witnessing temperature swings. Even if it seems like the sun is out in Delhi, the frigid winds have also decided to take strong rounds around.  For the past two days, Delhi has been capable of seeing clouds. However, there isn't a prospect of cloud cover in Delhi today. After the following two days, Delhi should see a comeback of the gloomy clouds, according to the Meteorological Department. In addition to this, Delhi can possibly see rain on January 29.

Cold to increase in Delhi NCR

Since Friday, chilly winds have been swirling throughout Delhi and the NCR. Subsequently, Delhi and NCR temperature has decreased.

According to the Meteorological Department, Delhi is soo to witness severe cold in coming days as a result of the freezing winds. Even today, according to the IMD forecast, it's going to be cold in Delhi-NCR, and there is a chance of rain in various parts.

Weather in Bihar and UP

In many districts of Uttar Pradesh, cold winds are blowing following rain, which has resulted in decreased temperature.  The Meteorological Department predicts that light rain might be witnessed in numerous UP districts. But throughout this time, an increase in the temperature will be observed. Meanwhile, Bihar will continue to suffer through the winter as reported by the Meteorological Department.

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