Weight Loss Journey: Fat to Fit story of Chanchal Malhotra, Know how she reduced from 119 kg to a fit body

18 Jan, 2022

Who would mind having a great healthy and attractive body,it can be hard to achieve if you're a hard-core fan of junk food and. Emotional eating can also cause huge changes in the body. The unhealthy food that you put on your body can not only put some extra flabs on the body, but it can also hamper your confidence and self-image. Chanchal Malhotra went through an emotional set back when her parents got separated. As a young girl she didn't know how to deal with the situation and in order to cope with her emotions. In high school, she weighed 108kgs. High school can be cruel if your peers start to body-shame you. So how this Mumbai based strong lady took her Fat to Fit journey, what all she experienced, let's get to know:

Chanchal Malhotra's attempt to Lose Weight Lose

Chachal was shook by the three digit weight of her (108kgs), she decided to join the gym and wished to lose it in just a couple of days, she went to the gym but also starved herself with a minimal to no carb diet. She hardly ate anything, which led her to fatigue and weakness. The lack of food and nourishment would show on her face. She was so desperate to lose weight that she achieved her goal. She dropped from 108 to 65, but since she did not achieve this sustainably, she looked weak and malnourished.

Her lost confidence has somehow come back. She looked better than before, but the enthusiasm towards fitness took a back seat. She went back to the old diet habits, which again took her weight to 90kgs. Her stress of being overweight again got her into emotional eating. And this time 

Chanchal Malhotra’s weight loss with Diet

She was only 23 but her weight has gone up to 119 kgs. She somewhat left hope that the show could be fit and slim. She didn't not want to give up her favourite foods this time. But new life in college exposed her to different emotions and self awareness. She consulted a dietician and followed the therapy. The diet and therapy helped her and her weight was in the 60s within 6-7 months, but Chanchal could not keep the consistency in her diet and fell back to the patterns of over eating again.

Chanchal Malhotra’s High Power Gym Routine Story

The third time, she weighed 109kgs, this time she joined a gym again and took the guidance of a trainer. She was recommended to follow a ketogenic diet and do heavy workout. She followed the diet and the workout routine as designed by her trainer. She started to see results and her body was getting better, but there came another obstacle in her fitness journey. While working out in the gym, Chanchal unfortunately met an injury and she suffered from a skip disc. She was bedridden for 8 long months and her fitness journey witnessed one more full stop. According to Chanchal, it was the most dark and depressive phase of her life. Her body measurements were not in proportion either. Her hip size went to 58inches, and bust was nearly 48 inches. Her waist was also 46-48 inches. Chanchal faced self doubt and insecurities, it not only affected her physical, mental health but she could not enjoy her relationships to the best. Her insecurities took over her.

The Final Breakthrough

This was a do or die situation for Chanchal. She visited a specialised doctor, and took physiotherapy to gradually increase her mobility. She started to practice yoga and stretches. This time she did not abstain from eating, but she ate consciously with some control on her diet habits. She paid attention to the quantity of her meals so that she can manage her increasing weight. She again started to workout at home, with the help of internet content and videos she kept her motivation up. This time she did not focus on losing weight but staying fit. She limited her diet to home cooked food and only occasionally she would eat out.

She took 2 long years to attain fitness. Chanchal sees her life as nothing but a weight loss journey. With her body, she experienced weight gains and weight losses multiple times. She takes the advantage of her situation as she understands the importance of consistent and sustainable growth instead of an impulse weight loss. Chanchal helps many others who are in their journey of fitness.

Chanchal Malhotra’s Goals

She plans to promote overall fitness not only weight loss.

She motivates and helps others who are trying to gain control of their bodies and be fit.

She suggests that everyone faces body shaming in some form, it's better to ignore that and focus on your health goals.

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