Weight Loss Story: Know how this girl reduced her weight from 101 kgs to 60 kgs after being called Aunty

27 Nov, 2021

Weight Loss Story: 

Staying fit in the times where junk food has become the go-to food menu for thousands of people out there, doesn’t come easy. One has to follow special diets accompanied by workout routines and whatnot. However, not only this, for a person to stay fit needs a lot of deduction and self-control, as there should be some solid driving force behind all the workout and struggle one goes through including staying at a bay from the tastiest but unhealthy food and delicacies. 

So, let’s indulge in an inspiring story of a young Delhi girl who went from 101 kg to 60 kg, though not overnight, but her dedication bore fruits.

People used to call me "Aunty" at the age of 22:

Nikita Marwah, a 26-year-old lawyer from Delhi before her transformation journey was a big foodie. Nikita shares that she used to weigh 101 kg before she actually decided to lose weight. Nikita shares that she has always been an active child, however, she had obesity since childhood. She used to eat whatever comes her way, which made her gain a lot of weight, for which she used to be body-shamed a lot. Nikita recalls that she was even called “Aunty” at the age of 22 and 23.

Sharing an incident, Nikita states that at an amusement park, she wasn’t allowed to go for a ride due to her weight, and that hit her hard. Another incident where Nikita got a hairline fracture due to her being overweight, led her grandmother to mock her for being overweight, hit her really hard. Recovering from her fracture led her to gain even more weight, and Nikita eventually went from 85 kg to 100 kg within just 3 months. It was when she decided that she should shed some weight, and during this journey, she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.

Diet Plan followed by Nikita for weight loss:

Nikita Marwah started her weight loss journey with Zumba classes and used to work out a lot. Nandini states that she used to complete 10,000 steps every day before sleeping. Nikita shares that she starts her day by consuming Apple Cider Vinger or Ginger tea. For breakfast, Nikita prefers having eggs, Chila, or high-protein food.

For lunch, Nikita consumes Salad, a Chapati along with some vegetable and high-protein food. For dinner, Nikita prefers taking a small portion of rice, chapati, and some vegetables or pulses to go with it. 

So, this was the whole journey of Nikita Marwah, the Delhi girl who lost 41 kg weight with a lot of workouts, dedication, and a balanced diet.


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