West Bengal: A man jumps from the 8th floor in Kolkata's hospital, condition critical

26 Jun, 2022

On Saturday morning, a mentally ill patient fell from the balcony of the eighth story of a private neurological hospital in Mallik Bazar, Kolkata. He is in critical condition and has been admitted to the hospital. The patient, who was receiving treatment in the hospital somehow managed to escape through a window and sit on the edge of a cornice where he was constantly threatening everyone that he would jump if anyone came close.

West Bengal: A man jumps from the 8th floor

On Saturday morning, there was a rukus when a mentally ill patient managed to get past medical staff and make it to the hospital's eighth-floor balcony. When the hospital staff discovered this, they attempted to bring him down but  He wasn't ready to go back.  Firefighters on the other hand were attempting to bring him down using stairs, but he was reluctant to get down. He kept saying he was going to leap from there, which raised the possibility of a serious accident, which eventually did occur.

Sudhir Adhikari, the patient, "dropped off at about 1:10 pm and struck the cornice of the floors below at least thrice before landing on the ground," according to the report by PTI

 A man jumps from the 8th floor gets severely injured

Adhikari, who was heavily bleeding, was taken to the emergency room where his condition is listed as being extremely severe. As per the medical staff the man apart from being severely injured broke his waist.

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