Yaar Ye Online Ads! ft. Himani Khatri | YouTube Ads | Google Ads | Her Zindagi

06 Feb, 2023

From the moment you open your browser to the time you spend on Youtube, online ads have become a constant struggle. And iss online ads ki bhasad se janta sirf pareshaan ho sakti hai, because wherever you go these ads follow. And here we have a frustrated Himani who has had enough of these ads and jo finally apne dil ki bhadaas nikaalegi iss video mein

Annoying online ads are the most raised frustration of many internet users. These ads are often intrusive and disruptive, disrupting the user experience resulting in  annoyance. These can be of many types including pop-up ads, auto-playing videos, and banners that cover content. Many online ads also show  aggressive tactics, such as loud music or flashing graphics, to grab the user's attention which is again quite frustrating.

These types of online ads are not only annoying, but they can also slow down the website and consume bandwidth, making it difficult for the user to access the content they're interested in. In addition, many online ads contain malware or are used for phishing scams, putting the user's personal and financial information at risk.

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