Yoga For Legs: 3 Exercises For Toning, Strenghthing & Flexibility | HerZindagi | Ira Trivedi

17 Feb, 2023

Tone legs are what everybody wants but strong and flexible legs are what everybody needs. Here you will get to know the top 3 yogic exercises for tone and stronger legs. In this video, Yoga Trainer- Ira Trivedi will tell you the benefits of practicing these simple leg exercises regularly. Watch the full video now!

Malasana, is a yoga asana that involves squatting with the feet close together and the hands in a prayer position. This pose helps to stretch the hips, groin, and ankles, while also toning the abdominal muscles.

Dandasana, is a seated yoga posture that involves sitting with the legs straight out in front of the body. This pose helps to improve posture, strengthen the core muscles, and stretch the hamstrings.

Skandasana, is a yoga asana that involves stepping to the side into a lunge position, with one leg bent and the other leg straight. This pose helps to stretch the inner thighs and hips, while also building strength in the legs and core.

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