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19 Jan, 2021

Journey of a Chef in India | Chef Vivek Journey: In recent years, the food industry has evolved much owing to the trend of dining out. With this, the responsibility of a chef also increases in delivering the best cuisines. Though almost anyone can dream about becoming a chef but becoming a chef is not facile. If someone wants to become a chef, one should get into it with utmost dedication and passion. Further, in this article, we will get to know about how to become a chef, to get best insights about this, follow us throughout the piece as you will get to hear a lot about the same from Chef de cuisine, Vivek. Along with dedication and enthusiasm, one should know the qualifications and ways to become a chef. So, let’s get into a discussion about the qualifications essential to become a chef.


Qualifications to become Chef in India

To become a chef, one can get enrolled in for Bachelors degree or a diploma course from any recognised institution. It is essential to graduate in Class 12 from a recognised board or university or any equivalent discipline to register for a Bachelor’s degree or diploma. While studying for such domain, students are also taught about housekeeping and general management services other than the principle lessons. To pursue cooking as a career; one can enrol themselves in various fields, providing them specialisation into multiple sectors, such as Bakery. The best courses offered to become a chef are mentioned below:

Chef degree in india (Top chef schools in india)

  • BA Hons. Culinary Arts
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Diploma in Food and beverage services
  • Diploma in bakery and Confectionaries
  • Diploma in Kitchen Management
  • Diploma in bakery and patisserie
  • Diploma in culinary arts
  • Craft certification course in food production
  • Craftmanship course in food and beverage services
  • Craftmanship course in food production and patisserie


Chef Jobs in India

After much babble about the qualifications and related courses, let’s dive into “How to secure a job as a chef”. Once done with getting all the studies or courses, one should start with working as an intern at any restaurant. Though you can also go for an apprenticeship after graduating from Class 12, but trained and qualified personnel will always be given more preference for apparent reasons. After getting trained, you can find many suitable opportunities at any hotel or restaurant. Moreover, you can also go ahead with your own business. You will also be welcomed in food processing, air catering services, cruises, clubs, catering in confectionaries or private companies.  


Different positions as a chef: (How to become Chef in India)

The head chef or executive chef is the superior most individual in the group of chefs. This person is responsible for creating menus and managing personnel working below him. The second one in the hierarchy is the sous chef, who assists the executive chef in his chores. He is the second one to command in the kitchen. Then comes an exterior group who plates the food as per the order for waiters. And at last comes another category of chefs appointed as per their areas of expertise for different cuisines.


Salary of a chef in India:

The basic salary of a chef solely depends upon the skills that a person possess. While getting into digits, a fresher chef can earn more than 2.5 lakhs per anum at a three-star hotel. With much experience and skills being honed, the number increases to 6 lakhs per anum. A sous chef or “the second in command in the kitchen” can earn a sum of 4 lakhs per anum at any hotel or restaurant. While for a head or executive chef, the digits can go as huge as mapping an ocean.


So, this was your complete guide on how to become a chef, to get more insights about the same watch this video. The video briefs you about the story of Vivek, who currently works as Chef de cuisine and his journey till now. Vivek shares how he fought all odds of society to follow what inspires him the most. Also, What essential skills one should possess to become a chef, what hurdles you may face once you set out on this journey. I hope this video inspires you to follow your passion in a more focused way.  

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