Know the different ways through which you can prepare for the UPSC CSE Interview

04 Jun, 2021

UPSC Civil Service Preparation:

One of the most prestigious Government sector jobs is of an IAS officer, which can only be secured by clearing the UPSC Civil Service Exam, which is also considered one of the toughest exams across the country. While presented below are the tips on How to prepare for an Interview:

The different ways to prepare for the UPSC Interview are:

  • Self-preparation: 

The self-preparation method is one of the fundamental to prepare for an interview which helps you to identify the places which you are lacking, however, for that, a person must be sincere and have a sense of self-understanding to point out his/her mistakes. This way of self-preparation helps a candidate to work on their mistakes, the way they speak, their body language, and other important aspects for the UPSC Interview.  

Candidates can go for the self-preparation method of preparation by sitting in front of a mirror or recording themselves in their phone camera while asking the questions related to the interview, which will surely help them critically analyze their performance in the interview. 

  • Group preparation: 

It is the method wherein different candidates at different stages of the UPSC Civil Service Exam sit together and ask each other the questions for the Personality Interview, and during that process, identify the mistakes of each other to help with the preparation better. It must be noted that these group preparations allow Content Diversity, which means a huge number of questions can be asked to the candidates, which may cover many aspects of the UPSC Civil Service Interview round.

However, candidates must note that the authenticity of this method of preparation can’t be guaranteed as the people asking you the questions will surely not be as much qualified as the UPSC Civil Service Board Members.

  • Mock Interview: 

Mock Interviews are one of the best ways to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Interview, as the method aims to provide you with almost the same environment as the actual interviews which are conducted for the UPSC CSE. While the quality of questions asked in a mock interview is good.

However, this method of preparation of interviews is very professional and doesn’t emphasize much on personalized and thorough learning. Moreover, there are many institutes that have their personalized perceptions and views which may affect your preparation a lot.  

  • Preparation through Coaching Institutes:

Quite similar to the Mock Interview method, the preparation method through a coaching institute is not much reliable unless the institute is reliable enough. However, this method of preparation will provide you with much detailed preparation and will also help you to work on small details.  

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