Liquor prices hike in UP, Yogi govt. to impose Covid cess

04 May, 2021

Liquor price hike in UP:

Due to the mini-lockdown imposed in UP, there has been much financial loss incurred by the government,  and hence, to curb the same, the Yogi government has decided to increase the price of liquor in the state. So, the liquor in Uttar Pradesh will now be available after adding a Covid cess.

Now, the rates of Alcohol in UP have hiked from Rs.10 to Rs.40, and the given rates are applicable from 4th May 2021, i.e., today onwards. The sale of Liquor in UP earns the government Rs. 31,000 crore which the government wasn’t able to earn as the shops have been closed for 5 days straight in UP due to a lockdown.

But, the application of Covid cess on liquor is said to fulfill the loss of income for the UP government.

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